How to get your Player Card posted here!

Here’s how you can post your stats so I can edit to create your Player Card. Just send an e-mail to in this format:

PSN/XBL – [Your ID/Gamertag]
Region – [Continent]/[Country]
Main team – [Main Characters]
Highest Rank – [The highest rank you’ve ever risked]
[Rank] – [Characters]
[Rank] – [Characters]
… and so on.

Your stats will look something like this:
EXAMPLE (fake stats):

PSN: ProPlayer321
Main team:
Highest Rank:

17brawlerHeihachi; Jin

You can use this one as an example too:

 AND THAT’S IT! I hope you have fun in this website 😉
Also, in preference, put all your characters. That way,the website will be more complete than it was in WTF regarding character’s ranks (except the fact that you won’t be able to see your Ranked and Player Matches here).

Why boost? Where’s the fun in seeing something that you weren’t able to accomplish by yourself? What do you earn? A cookie? I’ll check the Leaderboards or invite you (or someone else that I may send will) to make sure. Fake  online stats (boost or just fake) won’t ban you from the website since you’ll probably won’t have an account here but I’ll delete your stats from the website or make a new one if I find out what your real stats are.
(Change of plans. From now on, boosters can have their stats posted here because I may never find out if you’re a booster or not so I may end up deleting you even if you aren’t one. Though, I may delete you if you post a fake rank. What I mean by fake rank is, for example, have your Paul at Berserker and telling me he’s Seiryu. I doubt anyone would do that, though)

Also, in the comment section, you can post about what you think of that player. But nothing that may offend him.

By the way, if you detect something that may be incorrect, please tell me using the e-mail given to you (can be found at the beginning of this page or in the Contacts page).


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